A Symbol of Hope - Art for the Breast Cancer Fundraiser

For me, the ocean is like a sanctuary where I find strength, peace, and hope. It reminds me that no matter what challenges I face, the sun will rise every day, bringing with it a new opportunity for positivity and growth.

Meeting Anika Nobel: An Inspiring Power Woman

The first time I met Anika Nobel, I was blown away by this power woman. It was September 2022, exactly one year ago, when I interviewed her for her charity.

I visited her in her small shop in Rees, a small town in the Lower Rhine region, and as soon as I walked in, I could feel her attention to detail. She approached me warmly and openly, and we started talking right away.

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The discovery and fight against breast cancer

She told me why breast cancer awareness is so important to her. Because in 2017, when she was only 29 and a new mother, she discovered a marble-like lump in her breast.

An examination confirmed her suspicions and it turned out to be an aggressive, fast-growing tumor.

The time during treatment also awakened her and made her rethink her life, says the trained banker.

Dreaming the next chapter

She quit her job and started her own business in 2020, selling creative flower crowns and decorative items in a pop-up store. Just a year later, she moved into her own little kingdom in the heart of downtown Rees.

Grateful, energetic and optimistic, she now stands in her own shop, a self-fulfilled dream.

The importance of breast cancer fundraising

This is the third year that Anika has poured her heart and soul into organizing a charity event in her store.

Each year, her goal is to exceed the previous year's fundraising total. Companies and service providers, large and small, donate their products for a good cause. Customers can buy them at full price, and 100% of the money raised goes to the fundraising pot. Anika then donates the funds to a local organization called "Aktion B. Brustgesundheit am Niederrhein e.V.", which helps women in financial need who have been affected by breast cancer.

How can I help and support this project?

We never know what the future holds for us. Even if we are perfectly healthy today, we may discover a lump in a month's time. Life turns upside down at such moments. The earlier cancer is detected, the better the chances of recovery. That's why October, with its pink color and colorful "boobies," is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting prevention.

How can I get involved and support this project? I wanted to paint a picture that would convey the important message of support and reminder for prevention. I wanted it to be subtle and symbolic. I went for a walk and thought about it.

The power of the sea and the sunrise

I am lucky to live near the sea and I like to walk on the beach. Especially to think, to ease my mind, or when I'm feeling sad.

The sea has a calming effect on me with its flowing, slow and rhythmic movements of the waves. At the same time, it radiates immense power. I like to watch the transition from day to night. A play of colors that fascinates me. And if I wake up early enough, I also like to watch the sunrise.

After a while my mind stops spinning and I realize how small my problems are compared to nature. And I realize that no matter what happens, the sun will rise every day.

With a colorful, gentle sunrise over the sea and gentle waves, I want to capture this power on canvas.

I digitized the painted image and had a canvas print and 25 A5 cards made, which I sent directly to Anika.

In addition, I have decided to donate 50% of the net income from the orders of the art prints of "Pink Sunrise" in my online store.

Art for the Breast Cancer Fundraiser

If you purchase an art print, I will donate an additional 50% of the net proceeds.